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Uprising… or, the trouble with themes

January 21, 2014

I try and choose a theme to start every new year with. It acts as a guide and reminder of what I have set for myself. 

I decided that 2014 is the year of… 


It was so beautiful, so poetic. A slow murmuring rebellion building up to a magnificent crescendo. I had applied for a training post in the speciality I work in and absolutely adore. Jetting abroad to present at an international conference and spend two weeks in the sun with a friend. The new guy in my life and I were exchanging pleasant, flirtatious messages. Uprising fitted beautifully, the sense of optimism I had for the new year was palpable before it had even started. 

Then it all went to shit. 

I didn’t get the job, thus having to wait a year before I can apply again. The conference thing fell through. The guy I was due to meet with threw some crumbs my way when what I needed was a loaf. 

I’ll cover the devastation and what it means some other time. 

Man, dog, sunset

One of my colleagues said, “Fuck ’em. And rise like the phoenix” 

Uprising – losing what was never mine to begin with, starting at ground level right in the dirt, with nothing but blood, tears and gritted teeth. And now. Now it begins. 

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