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In red

May 27, 2010

Writing is proving quite therapeutic for me at the moment, the only problem is that I relatively little time to do it. In brief, the ladybirds in the back garden have been at it like… ladybirds? I was pleased to read they’re very slutty insects.

Voyerism lite

To continue with the red theme, I have a ball of Debbie Bliss 4-ply in the most beautiful vibrant red colour. I have racked my brain over what to do with it and then I found a quick tutorial on YouTube to make little hearts.

Who doesn’t love little crocheted hearts? Think of the possibilities! I found a little heart-shaped candy jar which would happily house a bunch of crocheted beauties, they would look good sewn on blankets or placed in cards for friends. And nipple tassels. The latter idea was mentioned by a friend of mine and I am determined to rustle up a bunch and see if there are any takers (or shimmying?)

My first attempt was ok. I think the colour helps to trick the viewer into believing it’s heart-shaped; forgive the medicine buzzing around my head at the moment but to me it looked more like a spleen with its characteristic notch (which I couldn’t remember as a feature of splenomegaly until I had done the crochet – so hurray, crochet helps to educate!)

Other features of splenomegaly can be found in most textbooks

Other than that, I have got over my fear of public crochet and continued to work on my laptop case this evening. A rather wired looking city boy was sat next to me and asked me what I was working on. We had a small chat about our days jobs and it helped the journey to fly by.

Every time I tell myself I’m ready to leave London, I’m left with small glimmers of why it’s such a great place and how much I’m going to miss it and the people who have carved little emotional holes in me.

Always in my heart(s), I guess.

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