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May 3, 2010

Along with scuba diving and corsets, I can add yarn to the expensive hobbies list. Unlike the others though, I am planning on doing something very special with my crochet: I am going to make my first epic blanket. I’m going to use a ripple pattern and I hope to pass it on to my babies if I ever have any. I still have the baby yellow blanket that my grandmother made for me when I was born and I hope my project will be the start of many. If I fail to procreate, then it will make a lovely bed cover.

Bunny mug optional

I already had the blues, I bought the other colours today. I’m really pleased with the combination, especially with the deep pink and dark brown. They might look very different once I start the blanket but I am looking forward to seeing how it pans out. I didn’t realise my mug of tea was right there, but it’s in keeping with spring.

I wish someone had warned me about how addictive this all is. I remember the long talk an orthopaedic registrar gave me about how I should think really hard about going into medicine but like most medics, I didn’t listen. Almost 8 years after that, I was manning reception during my last GP placement for an hour, and a couple of schoolgirls came in asking if the surgery offered work experience.

I asked them if they wanted to be doctors and they smiled and nodded. I looked at them, threw my head back and said, “DON’T! Save yourselves!” I didn’t think I was being that serious, but had you looked back on the moment in slow motion, you can see the point at which they looked at each other and started backing away slowly.

Speaking of colour, the azalea’s outside have come out in full bloom and I love pushing back the curtain to take them in, it always astounds me how such beautiful colours can exist naturally.

I have a pair of fishnet stockings in this colour

Anyway, enough procrastination, I have some revision to catch up with. 5 weeks and a day to go.

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