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Three years out: Six months in

April 23, 2010

Six months ago I made a promise to myself that I would take three years to completely let go of all the anxieties that have held me in place for a long time. I’m not to worry about my career, money or life in general as I am living in the now and I will give myself permission to worry about those things in three years time. By that stage, I hope that I will have accumulated enough experience so that those anxieties don’t matter any more.

I paint my nails every weekend

Essie's Jag-u-are for the interested

Oh, I am truly casting off the shackles! We’re not allowed to wear nail varnish on the wards, and I used that as an excuse to never paint my nails even though I love the ritual and colour choices. Yes, it’s a bit of a bother having to remove it on a Sunday night, but the reward of looking down at my bike’s handlebars and seeing these babies glisten up at me makes it all worthwhile.

I take more photos

I took in so many beautiful sights while I was travelling, I think my interest

stemmed from there. My shots are predominantly of the outdoors or cool food dishes I have made, but I would like to progress to people once I get more confidence in the photos I’m taking.

Until then, I’m perfectly happy with getting snaps of the spring blossom. I really can’t get enough of the stuff and the cherry tree in the back garden is in full bloom; the blossom looks like oodles of popcorn hanging off the branches. The scent is so fresh and heady, thank goodness for the olfactory nerve.

I am movin’…

… to New Zealand!

Definitely the biggest decision so far but also the easiest. My time in Bangkok make me realise that I am ready to take in another lifestyle and culture. It’s definitely not in the same league as Bangkok as the language is the same but I look forward to picking up on the little differences.

The visa has been accepted and the I am booking the flight this weekend. Meep! Just the idea of booking a one-way ticket leaves me massively jittery.

I took this picture on the South island, in Punakaiki. You can’t really appreciate it from this shot, but the waves were really violent. It was just magical.

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