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Down the rabbit hole

March 17, 2010

Deciding to move to a different country during one’s last year of medicine isn’t necessarily the most sensible of choices. Correction, the easiest. Some of the best things which have come into my life have occurred because I allowed myself to let go of the internal monologue of, ‘You can’t/you shouldn’t’ so where being sensible comes into light, I’m a little more amenable to play around a bit. It does leave me with the small predicament of how I’m going to cram in all those last-minute things I want to do with the people I love. Up until June there will be a constant stream of work, post-June [taps wood] graduation and celebration, July ?dive trip and straight on to NZ.

I should use this time to frantically pour over books, but I’m taking it in my stride, trying to do little bits at a time and be as calm as possible (ha! The propranolol is in my top drawer for those just-in-case jitters). I guess this is because once I have finished, there will be a manic drive into getting organised, catching up with friends and putting my plans into action. It’s going to be crazy. Excellent.

I took a walk

Until then, I’m soaking up the tranquility. I think I’ll miss this place.

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