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January 11, 2010

Whenever I have a strong coffee* I get an overwhelming urge to strike up random conversations with strangers and compliment them. I wanted to tell the woman sitting opposite me on the Tube that she had the most beautiful green eyes. I wanted to talk to the man next to me on the train and tell him that he looked very familiar to me. I wanted to leap up in the middle of the carriage when K90’s Red Snapper reached a crescendo.

I was once on a train leaving Victoria when a blind man started talking to a man next to him. He asked the guy his name, what had been his best year and what had been his worst year. The man was surprisingly amenable to the conversation. I was going through a stressful time so no doubt I would have been a blubbering mess trying to explain why 1999 had been such a bad year. I’m not unfamiliar with public crying, the last time it happened I was handed a religious pamphlet outside Brixton Prison. It didn’t make much difference to my life but the sentiment was heartwarming.

Back to my coffee high and luckily I had the good sense to keep quiet. Then again, why should I?  A friend of mine believes it’s more important to create heaven on earth than living to get into the good side of the afterlife and I guess when my synapses are overloading, I want to do the same.

* I was also riding the endorphin high due to the purchase of this, oh yes

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