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December 26, 2009

Life recently has had a strange merry-go-round feel to it. This week I met up with a former love interest who I had not seen in years. Our relationship 7 years ago was intense, but it somehow evolved into a brother/sister type of friendship. Occasionally we would cross a few lines and end up redefining our roles – notably on the corridor floor at my old place. The reunion was surprising: we agreed that neither person had aged, conversation flowed easily with no awkward pauses and the only physical contact was a kiss on the cheek before I stumbled into a cab. Back in April when we were negotiating a meet, we explicitly stated no humping but there was no need for it in the end, he has been a protective figure in my life ever since we called it a day.

We went from manic club nights in King’s Cross – drenched in the smell of shisha, seeing his friends force feed him ecstasy – to civilised dinners and discussions about bad relationships and eastern philosophy. Wha?

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