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Therapeutic putty #2

December 1, 2009

“Do you worry that you may never meet anyone else?”

I was in the city having a wax and the beauty therapist had been lightly treading around the issue of my previous relationship. Her tone suggested that she had gone through something similar and she then came out with it. I don’t know how we got on the subject, but I was happy to dive right into it. It was a damn sight better than the usual small talk made to detract from the awkwardness of a below-the-waist wax.

The short answer is no.

Then again, I don’t think her question was intended to be taken literally, of course I will meet someone between now and when I die. What she meant was, ‘Do you worry that you may never meet someone in the time span for a young woman like you to settle down and possibly have children with?’

That has always crossed my mind and played a big part in my ambivalence to end my previous relationship. Ultimately I made the choice that I would rather take the risk and work towards a better quality of life – something both ~ and I deserve. The fear lingered for a while, and a sense of low self-worth was a contributing factor.

It wasn’t until I had purged my soul to a friend and through my tears I still have a crystal recollection of her words when I expressed my fears: ‘That… is just bullshit.’ And I’m glad I took her word for it.

That said, the emphasis of finding a single soul to share one’s life with is enormous, that it overlooks the good and valuable times that are had with fleeting encounters. Removing the question of ‘where is this heading?’ can reveal a charming opportunity for personal growth, so again, no I don’t worry too much about finding someone to settle down with, because the sexy noise in between is often just as important.

I somehow managed to articulate all this in a short space of time to someone on the same wavelength. After a very through check, she had finished and asked me to take a look. My next appointment is booked.

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