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Therapeutic Putty

November 22, 2009

Internal monologue in italics

Location: Student welfare offices.

Dr #: So I think it would be a good idea for you to see one of our counsellors. I don’t actually believe in talking therapies myself…

Me: Oh fantastic. Well if you have no confidence in the methods of cognitive behavioural therapy, and you are way above this yourself good doctor, then I guess it makes complete sense to send me to one.

I guess it couldn’t hurt?

Dr #: Good, that’s the right attitude.


Dr #: So I understand you had one session and didn’t go back?

Me: The counsellor I saw specialises in psychoanalysis. I don’t see how discussing my father’s death in 1985 has any relevance for me as a medical student in 2007.

Dr #: [rolling his eyes and grinning] Yes. I agree and I can see why you had reservations, that was a bit silly. I still think you should go back.


Therapist: So we are now 2 weeks in. I have to tell you, I’m not sure why Dr # referred you to me. You’re completely normal. There’s nothing here that I can offer since you’re doing it all yourself

Me: Ok. That’s reassuring, I guess. Can we have one more session so I can talk to you about my relationship?


Completely normal… can I get that stamped on my hand in red for future reference?

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